Board of Directors

Members of the Henry County Economic Development Partnership Board of Directors bring a wealth of business experience and enthusiasm to the organization.

2014 - 2015 Board of Directors

Lynn Sutton, Chairman 
Dwaine Van Meenen, Vice Chairman - Village of Cambridge
John Sovanski, Treasurer - Private
Jan Weber, Secretary - Henry County Farm Bureau

David Dyer - City of Galva
Rick Vondra - CHS Patriot, Inc.
Jim Cooper - Village of Orion
Chris Thompson - Central Bank, Geneseo
Jackie Mickley - Private
Julie Landwehr - Abilities Plus
Jeff Orton - Henry County Board

Want to join the Board?

The HCEDP Board aspires to the principles of Great Boards. The organization has one vacancy. Current members plan to follow best practices in filling these non-profit Board leadership positions.

What are we looking for in nominees?
  1. A strong belief in the organization. It is critical that board members are loyal to the purpose for which the organization was created and have an understanding of the needs of its stakeholders. They should also have a strong sense of the history of the organization, and be able to reconcile this with the organization’s vision and changing realities. 
  2. Diversity. The composition of the board should be diverse, reflecting the population that it seeks to serve.  Some sources for prospective board members are colleges and universities, legal professionals, business leaders in your community, donors, service clubs, the banking industry, and volunteers.
  3. Willingness to commit time and resources. Board members should be able to attend most board meetings and be ready to commit financial resources in support of the organization.
  4. Experience in governance. The most valuable board members display strong skills in stewardship and planning for the future, formulating strategic plans, setting priorities and monitoring performance. Look for individuals with a record of successful involvement with other nonprofit boards.
  5. Ability to work with a team. Board members have to put aside self-interests to determine what is best for the organization. So evaluate whether an individual will work well on a team to get the best results for your organization. At the same time, avoid selecting board members who will simply rubber-stamp the decisions of the CEO.
  6. An understanding of his or her role as board member.

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