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Drawing on its practical research, RUPRI offers the following key principles of effective governance. The eight principles are grouped under three major themes: collaboration across states, sustained citizen engagement and leveraging regional resources.

1. Crossing sectors (public, private, non‐profit)
2. Crossing political boundaries, recognizing regions

Sustained Citizen Engagement
3. Welcoming new voices (especially under‐represented individuals and youth)
4. Visioning a different future (bottom‐up process)

Leveraging Regional Resources

5. Analyzing region’s competitive advantages (focus on strengths, identify     clusters)
6. Strengthening competencies of local elected officials
7. Engaging key intermediaries  
8. Investing local capital

Summary of Best Practices for local economic development

dotspacerpromote and maintain a pro-business attitude
dotspacerorganize and facilitate regular business networking events
dotspacervisit existing enterprises and let them know what you are doing
dotspacerencourage enterprise leaders to be community leaders
dotspacerrecognize volunteers who contribute to economic development efforts
dotspacerpresent your community profile in the standardized format used in your region
dotspacermaintain a directory of existing enterprises as a item of location data
dotspacermaintain a community profile of economic development data
dotspacerknow the outside sources of location data available about your community
dotspacerfind and network with area development allies within your community
dotspacerfind and network with outside contacts interested in your area's development
dotspacerperform an annual area wage survey
dotspacerorganize and facilitate management and human resources forums
dotspacerhave education leaders and resource personnel as allies
dotspacerencourage libraries to participate in the distribution of economic development data
dotspacercommunicate with the area workforce
dotspacerencourage valued local organizations to operate with improvement strategies
dotspacerprovide incentives to retain and grow valued enterprises in the community
dotspacerencourage efforts for achieving continuous improvement
dotspacerkeep programs and activities on-going and information up-to-date



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